About Us

Crafting Homemade
Gourmet Ice Cream
is Our Lifelong Passion


2 Profs Gourmet Ice Cream came to life in 2017. Father and son duo, Carley Dodd and Matthew Dodd, turned their life-long love of ice cream into a second career when they bought a local ice cream shop in Sweetwater, TX.

The next year 2 Profs expanded to Abilene with an ice cream shop for retail sales and manufacturing, in addition to selling their ice cream in local restaurants. In early 2019, they received their Wholesale Manufacturing License and began a focused effort to provide their premium ice cream to grocery stores.

What Makes 2 Profs Ice Cream Gourmet?

  • Homemade family recipes
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • High Cream Content (14% Butterfat = FDA rating of “Premium”)
  • High Density – less air whipped into our ice cream
    (low overrun > high density > more ice cream per scoop)
Carley Dodd and Matthew Dodd are father and son. They both come out of higher education where they were both professors with over 65 years of combined teaching/administrative experience. Their passion for leading, and their love of ice cream, led them to start 2 Profs Gourmet Ice Cream in 2017. The love of teaching runs in the family, and so does their love of ice cream.

Carley and Matthew both have a foundational love for family that comes from deeply-rooted faith. Their desire is that everytime you eat their ice cream, it is not just an action, but an experience. They believe that ice cream is better as a shared experience, because the memories you make don’t melt. That’s why the 2 Profs are committed to making the best ice cream possible, and they are committed to helping you make memories that last a lifetime.

Carley Matthew Dodd

Carley’s father worked for Borden dairy for nearly three decades. Carley holds fond memories of helping his dad deliver milk (in glass bottles) and ice cream, sometimes even getting out of school to assist in the deliveries. High-quality dairy was a staple in the Dodd family, and churning homemade ice cream became a family tradition.

Matthew Dodd

Matthew still remembers the heat of a Summer afternoon on the back porch, the sound of the homemade ice cream maker grinding to a halt, and the unforgettable taste of fresh homemade ice cream straight out of the metal canister. Matthew has cultivated his ice cream pallette over the years, experimenting with different flavors and recipes for homemade ice cream. While the homemade ice cream maker is now a commercial batch freezer, there is still something unforgettable about the taste of ice cream fresh from the freezer…and it seems to taste even better when shared with family and friends.